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RICH HAIR ::: Straight Perm

  1. Best Liscio japanese straightening in Katy

    japanese straightening before   japanese straightening AFTER  
    Date2013.08.28 Views24112
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  2. Volume Straightening in Katy

    Date2013.08.28 Views23585
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  3. Straightening in Houston for short hair

    Before     After  
    Date2013.08.01 Views22954
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  4. Volume Straightening in Katy

    Date2013.07.11 Views22160
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  5. BEST LISCIO straightening in Dallas

      After Before
    Date2013.07.11 Views20935
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  6. Best japanese hair straightening in Katy, Houston

    Date2013.07.11 Views19784
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  7. LISCIO straightening in Katy, Houston

    Date2013.07.08 Views21187
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  8. Best japanese hair straightening in Katy

          After Straight perm        
    Date2013.07.08 Views11372
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  9. Straightening in Katy, before and after with Highlighted hair

    Date2013.07.08 Views11149
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  10. short hair Straight perm in Katy, Houston

    Date2013.07.08 Views11479
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  11. Straight perm in Katy

    Date2013.07.08 Views11394
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  12. volume magic straight perm in Houston, Katy

    Date2013.05.20 Views29522
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  13. Best hair straightening in Houston,Katy

    Date2013.05.18 Views22223
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  14. Best volume magic straight perm in Houston,Katy

    Date2013.05.18 Views17570
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  15. Best volume magic straightening in Katy

    Date2013.05.18 Views20409
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  16. BEST japanese Straight perm in Katy

    Date2013.05.16 Views19397
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  17. BEST japanese Straight perm in Katy

    Date2013.05.16 Views19721
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  18. Best Straight perm in Houston

    Date2013.05.16 Views19424
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  19. Straight perm in Katy

    Date2013.05.13 Views18945
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  20. Japanese hair Straightening Katy

    Date2013.05.13 Views14895
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